Boost the use of Microsoft 365/Teams for leadership teams

When it applies

When the leaders of organizations, either by conviction or necessity, are forced to
work totally or in-part remotely with their organizations. When you bet on Microsoft
365 / Teams as a communication tool and for collaborative work. When you want to improve
management and leadership processes, making them more collaborative, executive and digital.

Problem it solves

Microsoft 365 / Teams helps you carry out remote work, facilitating communication (emails, chat, videoconferences, ...) and day-to-day operations (sharing and editing documents, managing tasks...). This is what is needed 95% of the time. However, it is often insufficient to assist leaders in management when:

  • When issues are complex and require collective thinking and deliberation

  • When many participants must be involved

  • When connectivity issues make connection difficult

Added value by delibera

delibera allows you to put a layer of Collaborative Intelligence into Microsoft 365 / Teams and remote work, making it extremely easy and powerful for leaders. In 5% of cases, deliberation is needed to think, decide and move on.

  • Gather ideas

  • Prioritize initiatives and projects

  • Make key decisions

  • Manage meetings effectively

  • Make follow-ups interactive

  • Ask for quality feedback

By structuring and progressively combining conversations, delibera enables leaders to carry out management processes asynchronously, in a much more collaborative, executive and digital way. Through a surprisingly easy integration with Teams, that boosts the potential of both platforms.

Sequence of templates 

Communication and day-to-day activities

Deliberation to think, decide, and follow-up

  • Send and receive messages, chat

  • Conduct videoconferences

In Teams or in a video conference, a matter that requires deep reflection is identified and a conversation in delibera with the right people is opened

  • Gather ideas

  • Prioritize initiatives and projects

  • Share and edit documents

In Teams we report about the status of the conversation in delibera

The projects prioritized in delibera are the ones we move forward on

  • Manage meetings effectively

  • Make key decisions

  • Manage tasks

In delibera, the progress of projects is validated with key users and stakeholders; bringing new tasks to Planner

  • Make interactive follow-ups

  • Manage projects

Doubts and complex decisions are identified in the projects and are resolved in delibera

  • Ask for quality feedback

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Example of Teams parameterization for steering committee 

Success case

  • The director of communications and marketing of a big 4 uses delibera  integrated in Teams to manage the interactions of her steering committee. She has created the meeting tab from where she can access the meeting template, the follow-up tab from where she can access the follow-up template and others tabs for other specific deliberations. The result is shorter virtual meetings, more reflective capacity and more agility in decision making. Extracting the best from each person.

  • The transformation office of a leading bank's operations department uses delibera for its management of process optimization quarterly. With the Idea template, it identifies initiatives to be implemented between all operations personnel. With the Scores template, it prioritize the initiatives. With the follow-up template, it monitors the weekly progress of 50 projects, minimising the time dedicated to the task (15 min for each project) without the need to meet. With the feedback template it ensures the quality of the deliverables. Through Teams, all key stakeholders of the office are kept in contact, virtual meetings are held when projects require them, and specific deliberations are channelled with very high levels of effectiveness and efficiency. You can manage twice as many projects, follow-up weekly with very few resources, and implement twice as quickly with much greater satisfaction from users and managers.

  • The Agile work groups of a reference multinational technological company combine delibera templates with the functionalities of the Microsoft 365 environment. Accessing through Teams, they are able to carry out their work in a much more collaborative, customer-oriented, executive and digital way. The insights that lead to the user stories are captured with the Idea template. The prioritization of the stories based on impact and feasibility is done with the Sores template. The tasks are managed in Planner or Projects depending on their complexity. Meetings with other departments are formalized in the Meeting template. The workshops are carried out 100% digitally, with different template sequences. User validation for functional analysis, MVPs and final deliverables is achieved with the Feedback template. Always accessing through Teams. The result is cross-cutting work groups that do their work twice as fast, at half the cost and double the impact. We streamline and transform Agile when it is needed most.



© Copyright delibera 2020. All rights reserved.

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