Carry out more participative strategic reflections

When it applies

When significant reflections are undertaken, like those necessary to define the mission/vision, purpose, values, desired behaviour, development of a strategy or transformation plan. Also, for strategic refocusing of the whole or a part of the activity. Can be recurring or punctual.

Problem it solves

Strategic reflections continue to be done in a very centralized way by the departments of strategy and/or innovation.

  • External help from consultants provides an additional point of view, but does not change the fact that they are “top-down”

  • They reflect a limited understanding of reality and opportunities, far removed from the capabilities and will of those in the organization

As there are no recipes or easy and unique solutions, these reflections end up being theoretical documents.

Added value by delibera

It allows you to make profound strategic reflections involving in an organised way a very relevant number of people (Up to 500-1000-5000), in a short period of time (2 to 4 months), opening between 20 and 30 intelligent conversations.

  • Optimizing the deliberation process, eliminating time and geographic constraints for participation

  • Identifying changemakers, measuring and recognizing collaboration

  • Optimizes the efficiency and scope of the process of collecting information and ideas

  • Structures and segments the debate around action options

Maximise the chances of a successful transformation, in a process that is already very innovative in itself.

Sequence of templates to carry out more participative strategic reflections

Get insights (diverge)

Prioritise (converge)

Decide (align)

Act (empower and follow-up)

Evaluate starting point


Gather valuable ideas dispersed throughout the organisation (bottom-up)



Filter and organise

Validate managements' hypotheses (top-down)


Stimulate with trends and best practices from the market or framework diagnostics



Go deeper


Prioritise based on impact and feasibility





Asign responsabilities


Broad collective

Leadership team

Steering committee

TO + Changemakers

Strategic and action plan prepared and assumed by all the key people in order to carry it out

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Success case

  • The CEO of a global reference company in the construction sector addresses the design of the transformation plan with delibera, involving the top 100 managers spread throughout the world they agree on 65 major initiatives for change


  • The office manager of a reference company in strategic consulting uses delibera to reinvent their business model, making 19 decisions in 6 weeks, with 35 partners and almost 50 senior managers


  • The Secretary-General of a third sector entity with 300 employees and 80,000 collaborators prepares the two-year strategic plan, opening more than 30 progressive deliberations in which 600 people are involved, during a 4-month process



© Copyright delibera 2020. All rights reserved.

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