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Evolve education and training towards collaborative learning

When it applies

When a company needs to undergo a process of transformation and it becomes necessary to analyze and integrate external knowledge of trends and/or new general skills that go beyond the existing technical ”know-how” of the organization. When you want to bet on education, talent development and cultural transformation.


Problem it solves

Corporate training in soft skills - such as leadership, creativity, collaboration - does not work well enough when it is more necessary than ever.


Although immediate evaluations of training sessions may be good, in the long run nothing changes. This is what 75% of those who receive these workshops experience.​

  • Training sessions are very self-centered and are separated from the reality of the company

  • Still very theoretical

  • They are occasional occurrences, without an effective follow-up

  • Disconnected from transformation, innovation and business priorities

Added value by delibera

It offers a new and transformative learning model in which topics are debated by the whole group, in order to understand them and focus on their applicability to the reality of the organization. Going from theoretical knowledge to a transformative initiative, turning training sessions into a fundamental lever in the cultural and business transformation of organizations.

  • It makes diagnosis of opportunities and needs easier

  • The identification and prioritization of improvement opportunities by potential changemakers, capable of carrying them out, measuring and recognizing collaboration

  • In an efficient and stimulating process, that minimizes face-to-face meetings (in-person and digital) and that is transformative in itsel

Putting training and education, once again, on the leadership teams’ radar, accelerating transformation.

Sequence of templates to evolve education and training towards collaborative learning 



Read initial documentation or watch video and comment




Diagnose gap in the organization


Considering relevance and need for the organization



Identify posible actions and solutions with potential changemakers

Key template in this use




Prioritize initiatives according to their potential impact and feasibility


Assign responsibilities and follow-up


Validate results and the collaborative learning process

Monthly or bimontly cycles

From stimulating content to transformative action

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Success cases

  • The Strategic Transformation Committee of a multinational insurance company uses delibera twice a quarter to train its people on two key issues. Both the 11 members of its steering committee, the top 100 executives and 50 other key people. Generating almost as much transformative initiative as that derived from the strategic plan.

  • ​The Leadership Team of a leading security company uses delibera to open 7 deliberations on received e-procurement training material, including the top 50 sales managers and identifying 15 high-impact improvements.

  • ​The Head of Cultural Transformation of a leading technology services company, with more than 50,000 employees, uses delibera to train and discuss objective behaviours for their 3,500 middle managers.


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