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Transform middle management

When it applies

When an organization needs to mobilize the skills of its middle managers, motivating them and turning them into "changemakers" or drivers of transformation.

When traditional training sessions are not enough to drive an organic change of middle management.


Problem it solves

  • The difficulty of getting all middle management involved in a process of organic change, when everybody already has a full agenda and it is almost impossible to synchronize free time slots.

  • The need for people from other areas of the organization to participate (HR, Transformation Office, Innovation, etc.)

Added value by delibera

  • Asynchronous participation favours moving forward with initiatives without having to coincide in time.

  • Prior deliberation greatly enriches synchronous participation (in-person or digital) because it gives time to think, adding intelligence and perspective that lead to better insights. Defining the role of the manager with managers themselves, and building a clear and attractive narrative with them that sums up desired behaviours.

  • Facilitates the management of large projects through the Dashboard, creating “areas” for dialogue at different hierarchical levels.

  • Traceability of all contributions.

Sequence of templates to transform middle management

Key template in this use

Phase 1: Asses initial situation

Phase 2: Profile, gap, actions and “newcomer” workshops

Phase 3: Confirmation, changemakers and roadmap






Identify the behaviors and processes currently associated to Managers


Gather inputs: current strengths and obstacles to their development as leaders


First portrait of the target manager (Champions from Phase 1)

Assessment of gap and actions to close it


Confirm, validate and enrich the desired profile, behaviours and associated processes with them





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Success cases

  • The Head of HR of a leading bank, with the support of the CEO and in coordination with the Head of Talent and Culture, launches more than 40 deliberations in a period of 3 months to define and communicate the target profile for its 2,500 managers. They include the managers themselves in these conversations and achieve a high level of participation and engagement.

  • ​The CEO of a large international technology services company has to adjust, calibrate and fine-tune the profile of their 3,500 managers, so that they assume greater empowerment and accountability. Given the growth and diversification, with the consequent increase in complexity, of the company.

  • ​The Head of Talent and Culture of a leading insurance company uses delibera with 80 managers to redefine the target profile, through a series of conversations that allow them to validate the desired behaviours and the gaps to close.

  • ​The HR Manager of a leading telecommunications company uses delibera to define the profile of the target HR collaborator. Involving hundreds of people from 10 countries.


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