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Prioritize initiatives and projects maintaining a holistic view

When it applies

When we have to prioritize projects, initiatives, actions, requirements, investments, synergies, opportunities, risks, explanations, names... And we want to do it taking into account others’ opinions, involving those responsible for key areas of the execution process or committee members.


Problem it solves

The urgent and necessary transformation of organizations is multiplying the number of projects and initiatives implemented to maximize the chances of survival and value creation. Prioritizing among tens, hundreds, or even thousands of complex projects, is proving to be very demanding, and each person defends their own initiative.

  • Current prioritization methods are very “in-person”, and use support materials and tools that are not very agile- they require a lot of time, generate friction, and are highly biased (preference for certain people, stage fright, loss of holistic view...)​

The result is a very poor prioritization, when this is such a key and important activity.

Added value by delibera

To be able to optimize the prioritization of initiatives or projects in blocks of 10 to 100, among the members of leadership teams and other key people (usually between 10 and 30 people), in a more agile, thoughtful, collaborative, and transparent way.

  • Following criteria such as impact and viability

  • Ensuring that each person has the time and space to comment and counter-argue

  • Minimizing or eliminating meetings and time spent, achieving a much better result

  • Without limiting the possibility for leaders to make final adjustments to the decision

Prioritization is subjective, even if it is based on objective data, consensus is key.​

When it is reached the possibility of transformation is maximized, aligning leadership.

Sequence of templates to prioritize initiatives and projects maintaining a holistic view of the situation

Schedule meeting




Make allegations


Key templates in this use

Feedback of the result and process


Close meeting and communicate decision



Exchangeable templates depending on the complexity of the projects, knowledge about the options, and the existence of established criteria for selection

Better decisions, with cross-cutting vision, and greater alignment of leadership team

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Success cases

  • The Head of Digital Transformation of a leading global bank uses delibera templates quarterly to prioritize a large part of the huge amount of innovation projects that emerge from different parts of the organization, minimizing the time it takes to decide and maximizing the quality of the decision-making process, promoting collaboration and eliminating conflicts (9.5/10 satisfaction with the process and the result).

  • ​The Head of Transformation of a leading security company uses delibera to prioritize the initiatives of its action plan for innovation, according to potential impact and ease of implementation, with the members of the steering committee.​

  • The CEO of a credit company uses delibera to prioritize among more than 40 actions derived from a transformation project, involving 70 people from the workforce.


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