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Optimize meetings and committees

When it applies

When we want to optimize the operation of important meetings or committees, such as steering committees, department committees, executive boards with advisors, transformation committees, work group follow-up meetings, important meetings with suppliers or partners... Not all meetings require optimization, only those in which it is important to think together to make the best decisions, ensure understanding and clarify responsibilities, making the best use of attendees' time and knowledge.


Problem it solves

Excessive amount of long, unproductive meetings where talent and knowledge go to waste, generating frustration.

  • We spent up to 70% of our time in meetings.

  • In most cases, issues are not completely dealt with/closed: There are too many issues which are too complex, and there is a lack of information and/or the right people.

  • A few monopolize the meeting, many do not intervene.

  • Many meetings end with uncertain and vague conclusions.

  • The minutes of the meeting (if made), are lost in email threads.

Added value by delibera

Reduces the number and duration of meetings (avoiding them completely in many cases), optimizing their format and result, making them more stimulating and executive, mainly through a template expressly developed for the task.

  • Allows deliberation before, during and after. The right people arrive informed and ready for the meeting.

  • Makes it easier to understand the objectives, get through the established agenda, and access necessary information.

  • Helps making decisions, avoiding biases, and gathering the input of all participants, measuring and recognizing collaboration.

  • Formalizes decision-making, establishing tasks, responsibilities, and dates for follow-ups, boosting empowerment and accountability in the team.

  • Allows organized access to meeting minutes for traceability.

  • Gives feedback to the sponsor of the meeting for their continuous improvement of meeting management.

Sequence of templates to optimize meetings and committees

Pre-meeting 1


Get ideas on how to solve the issue that will be dealt with in the meeting

Key template in this use

Meeting 1


Post meeting 1 and pre-meeting 2



Meeting 2



Online conversations during the meeting to avoid biases


More effective and efficient meetings with formalized and traceable decisions (minutes)

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Success cases

  • The CEO of a leading international communications company, optimizes all his monthly steering committees with delibera, formalizing conclusions, decisions, next steps and responsibilities.

  • ​The head of global transformation of a leading security company, optimizes weekly meetings with peers in 11 countries using the delibera Meeting template, formalizing agreements and commitments.

  • ​The Agile cell Project Managers of a benchmark insurance company, use the meeting template to formalize agreements with different user departments for the minimum viable products that they deliver.


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