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Decisively boost remote work

When it applies

When you want to identify and put in place additional levers to achieve excellence working in a hybrid context (mix between remotely and in-person), one of the biggest challenges facing organizations today, but also a great source of added-value in terms of productivity and motivation. To define the ideal hybrid work model for each department, type of activity, person… it’s important to include those affected by the changes. There is too much at stake to try to do it without them!


Problem it solves

The quality of the hybrid work model to which we should aspire goes far beyond being able to operate from home while maintaining some office presence. The stakes are high and a lot can be done by everybody involved. There is a big difference between working from home and working excellently remotely. It’s important to distinguish between activities it makes sense to do at home, and activities it makes sense to do together at the office.

How we manage remote work will determine to a great extent the future of the organization and its people. It will be without a doubt a huge competitive advantage.

The solution involves having orderly and frequent conversations to understand activities, personal situations, preferences, ways of interacting. Managing expectations.

This is complicated to do through surveys and/or in face-to-face conversations.

Added value by delibera

It helps determine where the organization stands regarding hybrid work, in a very agile way and with a high degree of participation, identifying satisfaction at different levels and areas for improvement, helping clarify objectives.

  • Making a diagnosis of the main pain-points and advantages of remote work

  • Setting the criteria of where it makes sense to work, according to activity type

  • Promoting abilities and skills in digital Workplace tools

  • Understanding when synchronous vs. asynchronous work is better

  • Defining the guidelines for sustainable work, leadership, sales and meetings remotely.

  • Creating a dynamic of continuous improvement, with recurring feedback, to refine the model with each passing month, making it more productive and stimulating.

Sequence of templates to boost remote work

Diagnosis and identification of areas for improvement



Development of preliminary guidelines


Refining and contrasting recommended guidelines

Virtual event with professionals, technicians, experts

Key templates in this use

Fine-tuning and continuous improvement



  • Webinars

  • Workshops/ training sessions

  • Documents

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Success cases

  • The Transformation Office of the Operations area of a leading global bank uses delibera to understand their situation and reduce the impact of the first contingency that has forced mandatory remote work. Identifying and solving access to basic tools and applications, the digitalization or elimination of physical operations and risk mitigation, implementing support and urgent basic training in the new way of working, establishing priorities of objectives and efforts. They can then move on to a phase of taking advantage and extracting value of the new way of working.

  • The B2B Sales Management of a large international technology services company has to adjust, calibrate and refine the hybrid work and sales models of all its commercial teams (1,000 people) considering the important changes that have occurred. Through a series of conversations in delibera, the appropriate mix is defined, increasing both commercial activity and motivation.

  • The Director of Corporate Services of a leading company with 50,000 employees wants to know the level of satisfaction of the 3,500 leaders who manage teams remotely, as well as that of the people who they lead. Through several conversations in delibera, they jointly identify and highlight both relevant GAPs and opportunities they can act on.


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