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Optimize productivity of sales team

When it applies

When changes in the competitive landscape (digitalization, mergers, new competitors,…), way of working (remote sales activity to a high degree) and/or internal transformations of companies (offering, operations, priorities...) demand the urgent revision, calibration and adaptation of “modus operandi” in sales teams, B2B or B2C.


Problem it solves

Optimizing the management model of a sales team is a complex challenge, which requires refining and coordinating 10 major dimensions of activity, ranging from the value proposition, the go-to-market, sales process, interaction with the client, objectives and follow-up, to any necessary support and even the right work atmosphere. In addition, within each of these dimensions, the perspectives of sales people can vary greatly depending on their own experiences. Gathering, organizing and agreeing on the activity of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people is a complex challenge. Normal sales conventions are more about communicating and motivating than understanding and debating what needs to change.

Added value by delibera

The team at delibera has designed a 2-3 day workshop to optimize the productivity of the sales team. It is like a "pit stop" for sales teams, preparing them to come out like a Formula 1, with possibilities of winning the race. With a methodology that allows working with a representative set of sales people each of the 10 dimensions of commercial activity ("sales wheel"). These workshops, which can be carried out remotely or partly in-person, are structured with deliberations prior to, during and after the workshop, in order to gather all the points of view of the sales force and be able to prioritize actions.

  • With a pre-workshop survey template, we assess the initial situation and the general feeling of the team in record time.

  • With different templates for ideation, prioritization, resource distribution, decision making... a real action plan progressively takes shape during the workshop, in which the actions suggested for each dimension of the "sales wheel" are refined and agreed upon by all, with validation from the sales manager.

  • Subsequently, with other templates, feedback of the workshop is collected, pending issues are discussed and follow-ups of the execution of what was agreed upon begins.

Sequence of templates to optimize productivity of sales team



  • Understand initial situation, concerns and the different points of view present in the sales team

  • Customize focus of the Workshop

Key templates in this use

During the Workshop







  • Ideation

  • Prioritize suggested actions for all dimensions

  • Allocate resources

  • Decide and commit




  • Evaluate the Workshop and its results

  • Continue discussion of issues that required more depth

  • Follow-up on agreed actions/plans

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Success cases

  • The Head of Digital B2B Sales of a leading multinational telecommunications company uses delibera before, during and after a workshop, to optimize and adapt their way of selling in light of the changes generated by the pandemic, multiplying market reach by two and leveraging remote channels. Working on the challenges and solutions with the sales team.

  • ​The CEO of a large international technology services company has to adjust, calibrate and fine-tune the work and hybrid sales models of all its commercial teams (1,000 people) in light of the important changes that have occurred. Through a series of conversations in delibera, an appropriate mix that increases commercial activity and motivation is defined.

  • ​The Sales Manager of a leading consumer goods company uses delibera before and during one of the days of their sales convention to identify opportunities with KAMs derived from the new way of selling remotely.


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