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Increase the impact of change management processes

When it applies

When you want to implement relevant initiatives or tools which have a certain degree of complexity and affect a large group of people, of which knowledge, acceptance and good use will determine success to a large extent.


Problem it solves

Change management processes have traditionally been based on two pillars: communication and training. But nowadays this is not enough.

Reality demonstrates that the number and complexity of changes to implement makes it difficult to contrast their value sufficiently with the users who we now want to persuade, train and motivate to do things differently.

Innovation, no matter how Agile-based, is proving that it is difficult to gather (both internal and external) customer opinions by traditional means: surveys, A/B tests, face-to-face.

And that the products, services, applications or tools that we launch are not as “developed" as they need to be on a large number of occasions.

Added value by delibera

The feedback template allows to actively involve employees who are changing the way they work, fine-tuning and implementing new initiatives.

  • Asking them for interactive and quality feedback of everything that is set in motion.

  • Collecting in an organized, dialogued and very efficient way their views on the proposed changes so that final adjustments can be made.

  • Generating an anchor point, coordination and collaboration between transformation offices and change management programs.

Quality feedback is both the last step of a TO and the first step of a Change Management program or office.

Sequence of templates to increase the impact of change management processes

Key template in this use

Paradigm shift in change management activities




















Making them the protagonists of change requires actively involving them in the last mile of change

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Success cases

  • The Transformation Manager of a leading bank involves an average of 20 users from each of the 10 RPAs/Robots, created by its Agile cells, to collect their experience in an organized way. Thanks to this, they find out what fine adjustments in functionality need to be made and enhance the UX of the users. Going from generating a lot of noise in the organization to an overall satisfaction level of 9/10.

  • ​The Change Management Manager of a leading insurance company uses the feedback template to ask for input from a representative sample of users of each initiative or tool that she is asked to help implement by the transformation office. The well-structured and interactive collection of these user inputs decisively favours both the success of the implementations and the collaboration between areas.


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