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Transform culture with processes

When it applies

When organizations need both a cultural and a digital / business transformation. When we need to change both the way we work and the way we interact with each other, optimizing processes and being more efficient and effective in our day-to-day. The impact of optimizing these processes is truly substantial in the functioning of the organization, improving and increasing collaboration.


In order to achieve it, we have to act on two levels:​

  • Initiatives based on the transformation of interaction/collaboration processes between people ("hard")

  • Initiatives based on the change of mindset and behavior at the individual level ("soft“)


Problem it solves

Transforming mindsets and attitudes in organizations in the current VUCA and fast-changing world is a growing challenge.

Companies struggle to choose words that represent desired behaviors and stick them on walls, giving training sessions. But this is not enough.

To improve culture focus has to be on changing behaviors and encouraging collaboration, and for this it is necessary to create new interaction processes between people.

The sum of these processes configures much of what we call the new way of working and the customer-oriented, agile, collaborative, executive and digital organizational operating models, the pillars of the desired culture. Culture is not changed with loose words, but with processes.

Added value by delibera

Delibera allows you to change culture by defining and optimizing interaction processes between people.

The most common processes that we optimize with delibera are:

  • Decision making (streamline and formalize)

  • Meetings

  • Getting ideas and opportunities for improvement

  • Follow-ups (streamline and systematize)

  • Inclusive strategic reflections

  • Hosting dynamic events

  • Continuous quality feedback

​The sum of these processes create a culture and an organization that is much more collaborative, executive and digital. Where leadership, initiative and personal development is facilitated for all.

Sequence of templates to transform culture with processes

Initial pilot

6 weeks

Choosing an essential process that will really change culture:

  • Chosen by the client

  • From the analysis done by Minsait-delibera


Key templates in this use

Progressive deployment 

12 months

Optimization of 10-15 of the organizations’ key processes through Collaborative Intelligence

Quality feedback

Gather ideas


Effective meetings

Deliberation and optimization of decisions

Agile follow-ups

Continuous and stimulating communication of the project

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