Frequently asked questions about delibera

1. What is the difference between delibera and other communication and collaboration business tools?

2. What added value does delibera give me compared to other survey tools that do offer some structure and are usually free?

3. What value does delibera give me when following-up projects, initiatives, and commitments compared to project, task management, and other similar tools?

4. What value does delibera give me compared to other idea generation platforms?

5. My organization (or the group with whom I would like to start using delibera) is not very “digital”, how can I make sure delibera is going to work? Do users need training?

6. Who can or should open structured conversations with delibera in my organization?

7. Is any training needed to open a structured conversation?

8. Is it convenient to train someone on how to use the tool within my organisation?

9. With which type of conversations should I start to try delibera in my organization?

10. How do I know what is going on in within my conversations in delibera?

11. How does delibera work from an IT point of view? How can I hire it? What is the pricing?

12. What do I have to do to start using delibera? How much time does it take to get it started? Are any system integrations necessary?

13. How do I invite someone to participate in a delibera conversation?

14. What are the security measures of delibera that guarantee I can have my important conversations there?

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