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 100% digital focus groups

When it applies

  • When it is necessary to explore or verify in a 100% digital way, with a group of 8-10 people or more, the validity of a concept, product, service or value proposition, its advantages and aspects to improve.

  • When a more dialogued approach about something is necessary, but personal interviews or meetings are not enough and physical presence is not possible or advisable.


Problem it solves

  • The high cost of Focus Groups and risk in a pandemic environment.

  • Avoids excessive improvisation and monopolization of the conversation by participants during the session, favouring that everyone think and contribute in advance, from a given set of shared material.

Added value by delibera

The digital Focus Group with delibera is a group dynamic that combines asynchronous reflection with a synchronous digital encounter, to analyze and improve a product, service, or concept, achieving the same or even better results than the traditional Focus Group.

  • Allows to think individually before giving your opinion and involving more people

  • Everyone's contributions are enriched, as they can be read and commented by others

  • Improves synchronous encounter methodology and helps achieve more insights

  • Favours the participation of those that are less expressive

  • Leaves traceability of the opinions expressed (in the templates)

  • At a much less cost and with the possibility of achieving more with them

Sequence of templates to implement 100% digital focus groups


  • Description or video of the product or service

  • 1 pre-event deliberation to evaluate and give suggestions


During the Event

  • Group commentary on issues surfaced and new assessment of specific aspects


  • Screen-share of results and commentary-synthesis of rating

Key template in this use


  • Communication of conclusions.

  • Validation of the new model for the product (optional)


  • Evaluation of the event


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