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What is Collaborative Intelligence [CI]?

Collaborative intelligence emerges in groups by combining distributed intelligence. The intelligence of many thinking together is greater than that of each individually. It enables the effective mobilization of skills and accelerates transformation.

To materialize it we need to boost collaboration and the first step is to improve the quality of key conversations in groups.

CI is the result of an organized, productive and stimulating deliberation among a more or less numerous group of people, which allows to face an important challenge maximizing the chances of success.

Four pillars of CI

Exponential evolution of the number of projects since the year 2000


Transformation requires launching many complex, uncertain and transversal initiatives, that include a lot of people.

Graph - Exponential increase of projectsV2.png

Necessary knowledge is widely distributed

Graph - knowledge is scattered.png


We talk a lot about big data, however, 80% of the necessary knowledge for positive and effective transformation is still in people's heads. And not in a few: on average in those of 15-20, from inside and outside the organization.

Each person sees something that others do not see


No one knows everything. Something can be learnt from everyone. Together we can find better solutions.

Graph - Everyone sees something that others don’t seeV2.png

There must be enriching and intelligent interaction dynamics between people

Graph - Enriching interaction dynamics.png


For there to be Collaborative Intelligence and achieve much more than the sum of the parts it is not enough to add many people to a conversation.

A major obstacle to CI that delibera overcomes

Today's means and tools don't facilitate efficient smart conversations

We do not have time to have all the conversations we need (with the right people and necessary depth) for positive and effective transformation. There isn’t room to fit any more!

Graph – Current means are insufficientV3.png

In summary, it is important to raise the quality and efficiency of our face-to-face and digital conversations. It is the first step for collaboration in groups where transformation is sought. To move forward together, with greater alignment and a shared vision.

delibera makes Collaborative Intelligence possible, raising the quality of important group conversations drastically, providing structure and order to collect scattered knowledge and build together.

To overcome the challenges of transformation with the greatest chances of success.

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