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Jointly define purpose, mission, vision and values 

When it applies

When significant reflection is necessary, for example to define the mission/vision, purpose, values, desired behaviour… And we want to carry it out actively including those implicated, the members of the organization.


Problem it solves

Strategic reflections continue to be done in a very centralized way, by the departments of strategy, transformation, communication, HR, organization... Even if work groups with members of the organization are created, it is difficult to ensure that a representative sample of people is asked, and there is objectivity in the collection of opinions. External help from consultants provides additional insight, but it does not change the fact that they are “top-down”. The result is that these types of initiatives reflect a limited understanding of reality, far removed from the capability and aim of the organization. Because there is no easy recipe or single solution, these reflections end up being theoretical documents.

Added value by delibera

  • It allows you to carry out reflections including a very relevant number of people (500-1000-5000), in an organized and profound way and within a reduced time frame (2 weeks - 1 month)

  • Optimizing the deliberation process, eliminating time, language and geographic constraints for participation

  • Identifying changemakers, measuring and recognizing collaboration

  • Optimizes the efficiency and scope of the information collection process

Sequence of templates to jointly define purpose, mission, vision and values 

Get insights (diverge)

Gather valuable ideas distributed throughout the organization (bottom-up)


Key templates in this use

Prioritize (converge)

Filter and organize


Decide (align)



Dig deeper




Validate management's hypotheses (top-down)


Stimulate with market trends, best practices and frameworks 


Prioritize based on impact and feasibility 



Leadership team

Steering committee

Purpose, mission, vision, values established and assumed by all the key people in the organization

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Success cases

  • The Business Manager of a leading consultancy uses delibera to define the purpose, vision and mission of the company within 6 weeks, including the extended leadership team in the process (all the people who manage teams). Customizing the message for each stakeholder: clients, employees, partners, community.

  • A joint Sales, Marketing and Design Team of a European Telco has the challenge of defining a new vision and ambition for the stores of the future of its group, based on a new vision and values derived from a merger which even includes a change of name and brand. In just 6 weeks they manage to validate and formalize the vision that they built in a new store format.

  • The HR Manager of a leading telecom company uses delibera to define the behaviour that the members of their department should have, taking into account that they are distributed throughout 10 European and Latin American countries and use 4 different languages. During 8 weeks, through a sequence of templates in delibera, these behaviours are identified and prioritized between all, grounding them to the reality of the organization. Thanks to the automatic translation feature in delibera, everyone can express themselves in the language that is most natural to them.

  • The Head of Organization and Culture for EMEA of a leading insurance company uses delibera to agree on the key behaviours that the people of the entity should have. Including a representative part of the organization from 12 key countries, they build a joint narrative which results in a more effective communication.


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