Gather ideas and improvement opportunities 

When it applies

When involving a large number of people is required, because knowledge is widely spread. To collect suggestions for improvement of products, services, channels, operational processes or initiatives. Also to innovate or to identify and prioritize improvements in user experience, margin, savings, efficiency initiatives, risks, synergies...  

Problem it solves

In organizations, a large part of the knowledge and insights necessary for transformation are ignored or wasted, dispersed among many people on different levels, they are not easy to access.

  • Current channels such as meetings, surveys or communication platforms, including digital ones, are insufficient

  • Innovation specific platforms are very complex

  • The new formulas, "Datathons" and "Hackathons". are sporadic; they require a lot of organization and digestion effort

Added value by delibera

To be able to collect improvement opportunities in record time, accessing many people, and categorizing and valuing these opportunities in a simple way for posterior treatment.

  • Promoting interaction between those who ask for ideas and those who contribute them, as well as with the rest of the group

  • Prioritize ideas among all, according to their potential impact, ease of implementation or other relevant criteria. Identifying changemakers along the way, measuring and recognising collaboration 

  • Perform an agile and collaborative follow-up of initiatives that are launched

Sequence of templates to gather ideas and improvement opportunities

Gather ideas


From broad groups, categorising them

Filter and prioritise


Based on impact and feasibility, with key people



Leadership team

Key templates in this use



Initiative owners

Mobilise the large amount of knowledge and energy dispersed throughout the organisation

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Success case

  • The head of transformation of EMEA in a leading consumer goods company with more than 25,000 employees uses delibera (“Crowdsavings”) to generate savings opportunities in the field of logistics and supply management. +1000 ideas are achieved in a few weeks and a significant amount of savings and efficiencies generated


  • The director of operations of a leading bank uses delibera ("crowdoptmization") to optimize the more than 500 operational processes they have, involving all of their staff, in 8 weeks, with a level of satisfaction of 9.5 / 10 with the results obtained and the process followed


  • The risk management director of a leading bank uses delibera (“crowdrisks”) to identify and prioritize, with a representation of the organization, the main risks facing the institution, thus fulfilling one of the requirements of the regulator



© Copyright delibera 2020. All rights reserved.

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