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Optimize workflow with advanced transformation offices

When it applies

In organizations that are firmly committed to transformation, where PMOs and project or transformation offices are key to designing and coordinating the required change. Also, when the unprecedented complexity and uncertainty of the challenges they face demands a new way of working to avoid collapsing; becoming more responsive and interactive to the needs of the organization.


Problem it solves

The new competitive environment poses new difficulties that are overwhelming transformation offices/“traditional” PMOs.

  • The number of projects has multiplied exponentially, and each department/person defends theirs as critical, generating new silos.

  • Knowledge and desire to transform are widely distributed: they are difficult to collect and bridge.

  • Although new “Agile” project management methodologies help, they fall short for transversal work groups

  • Following-up with the necessary frequency, depth, and support is hard; they limit themselves to collecting and grouping task progress reports, when projects are uncertain ("rarely waterfalls") and require support-oriented supervision and the elimination of obstacles.

  • Deliverables don’t seem to meet user needs


Boosting and synchronizing transformation as needed fails

Added value by delibera

Give Transformation Offices an advanced management tool and philosophy that makes them much more interactive with the organization as a whole, and that ensures unity and agility in the extraordinary change requested.

  • Overcoming the great and new challenges they face from the new environment

  • With a new operational model that is much more agile, collaborative, executive and digital, and that allows you to identify, prioritize, decide and follow-up in a much more effective and efficient way. Getting quality feedback of everything launched to make sure it has the desired impact. 

  • It allows to manage many more projects and initiatives with the depth required, avoiding new silos, and with fewer people and resources dedicated to the task, eliminating meetings.

Accelerates transformation, measuring and recognizing collaboration.

Sequence of templates to optimize workflow with advanced transformation offices

Identification of opportunities 


Find out the needs and opportunities in all departments, identifying changemakers




Prioritize among many to ensure alignment and a global vision




Formalize decisions to ensure traceability, empowerment and accountability

Key templates in this use


Continuous improvement







Be able to follow-up hundreds of initiatives with a support-oriented supervision model (70%), dedicating 10min a week to each of them without meeting 

Gather customer inputs and reiterate until they are satisfied

  • Holistic, cross-cutting view for the leadership team

  • Possibility of measuring and recognizing collaboration through the collaboration index

Advanced transformation offices, up to the challenges they face

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Success cases

  • The advanced Transformation Office of a world leading consumer goods company is able to manage hundreds of conversations and initiatives that affect more than 50 countries and 25,000 people with delibera, minimizing travel, meetings and events​ and maximizing impact on business.

  • The Transformation Office of the Operations department in ​​a leading bank, uses delibera to identify and execute hundreds of change initiatives including almost 1,000 people, identifying changemakers, with a very limited allocation of resources: only two people.

  • The Digital Transformation Office of a leading bank optimizes the management of hundreds of transversal work groups, overcoming the limitations of Agile, using mainly the delibera follow-up and feedback templates.


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