Improve the performance of work groups beyond Agile methodology 

When it applies

To all the transversal, deliberation, transformation, optimization, or any other type of work group of the B.A.U., such as think tanks, which usually include people from different departments and geographies, part or full time, with face-to-face or remote proximity.

Problem it solves

In order to undertake transformation the number of initiatives/projects has multiplied exponentially. Consequently, transversal work groups have also multiplied. These groups are collapsing organizations; when collaboration is measured and recognized, performance has room for improvement.

  • The Agile/Lean methodology from software development and innovation has made good contributions, but it has important limitations (very face-to-face, it loses sight of the client too soon, difficult to track...)

  • Scalability is generating coordination problems, the impact of the deliverables does not entirely satisfy the end users, which begs to question the enormous effort made. New silos appear

Added value by delibera

Parting from Lean and Agile methodology and incorporating delibera templates, best practices of the usual high-performance teams, and a better use of tools such as Office 365, an integral operating model is created for transversal work groups that is much more agile, collaborative, executive and digital.

  • It makes the work of the group easier, reducing the “go to market” while increasing the quality of the deliverable. In addition, it makes the process more stimulating for participants

  • It makes work groups easier to monitor, facilitating the transfer of best practices between teams, the coordination and coherence between them, while also increasing the impact of the totality of the groups’ work

Accelerates transformation, measuring and recognizing collaboration.


Sequence of templates to improve the performance of work groups beyond Agile methodology



Continuous improvement

Transversal work groups truly capable of transformation: more collaborative, executive, client oriented, and digital

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Success case

  • The head of transformation of a leading global bank incorporates delibera in scrum work cells, with a notable improvement in the generation of ideas within the group, and in the management of events and feedback collection with key users


  • The head of transformation of a reference multinational company in the security sector, with 190,000 employees, uses many of the delibera templates in the more than 100 transversal transformation groups, which are responsible for the change of the company and spread in 14 countries. The Microsoft 365 tools used (Teams, Planner...) are complemented and reinforced.



© Copyright delibera 2020. All rights reserved.

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