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Boost design thinking sessions

When it applies

When you want to carry out a group reflection or design thinking sessions to co-create or identify opportunities for improvement (solutions to pain-points). To create new products, services, channels, programs. To optimize processes of all kinds.


Problem it solves 

Design thinking has been one of the great contributions of the Lean and Agile methodologies; it provides structure and order in brainstorming sessions. However, it has important shortcomings:

  • The process of collecting ideas face-to-face has time constraints (in 10-15 there is not much time to think)

  • Nor does it give time to delve deeply into matters, due to lack of time or information provided

  • Prioritization is cumbersome, voting post-its that many times are not well understood

It has an important stimulation and motivational component, but if the topic is relevant, it usually falls short.

Added value by delibera

Mainly two operations, through two deliberations/templates that will make the difference in the design thinking session:

  • To be able to collect suggestions for improvement in advance through the Ideas template, in order to arrive at the face-to-face exercise with a much greater depth of knowledge, while also being able to better select the people who have to attend, recognizing collaboration

  • To be able to prioritize together, with the Scoring template, all the initiatives that are finally proposed at the work tables, considering their impact and feasibility, leaving with an agreed upon action plan, formalized during the session itself

Leap of quality and quantity in this type of methodologies, essential for transformation.

Sequence of templates to boost design thinking sessions

Key templates in this use


Face-to-face design thinking session



Gather ideas (solutions to pain points) about what we intend to improve


Read in silence the ideas gathered in delibera and displayed on the tables


Think individually and each write two/three new ideas and/or relevant nuances to the existing ones (each on a post-it) and stick in the center of the table


Explanation of ideas/nuances to members going around the table


Ideas are voted with stickers (3 votes per person) and the 2 or 3 most voted ones are selected 


The most voted ideas are enriched by everyone


A spokesperson for each table gets up and explains to the rest of the tables in the room the two best rated ideas


Enter delibera (via mobile) and prioritize new ideas among all the participants of the session



Follow-up on the prioritised inititiatives

Between all prioritise the initiatives according to their impact and feasibility


Are the suggested proposals enough?


Validate the results and the process followed

Many improvements, ideas and formalized collaborative prioritization 

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Success case

  • From the Direction for Transformation of the Operations Network of a leading bank, almost 500 ideas are generated with delibera before the 6 design thinking sessions. In these sessions, ideas are filtered, complemented and enriched. 100 are prioritized between all attendees, with a satisfaction level of 9.5/10, with both the result and process


  • From the Direction for Transformation of a reference technology company, delibera is used to include 2,500 people in identifying the expected behaviour of the manager of the future, later in a design thinking session with 100 of them, they enrich and prioritise


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