Make follow-ups more agile with greater empowerment and accountability

When it applies

When a leader or a PMO (transformation or project management office) needs to follow-up on the projects, initiatives, programs or commitments that it implements, in an interactive dialogue with those responsible for carrying them out, while assuming that to a large extent they are actions that are uncertain, with high levels of complexity and ambiguity.


Problem it solves

Transformation is exponentially multiplying the number of projects and initiatives launched; leaders are overwhelmed and not able to follow-up on them with the necessary frequency and depth.

  • Excess of “face-to-face” (physical or digital) follow-up meetings

  • Follow-up deadlines do not meet the needs of those responsible for executing

  • “Waterfall” or Agile methodology for reporting KPIs is not adequate given the uncertainty of the projects

  • More time spent generating reports than working

  • Each team presents its data in a different format

If they are not properly monitored, projects are blocked, they overlap or divert, wasting resources and slowing down transformation.

Added value by delibera

It makes following-up online easier, more systematic, frequent, responsive (support oriented supervision) and efficient for the leader or the project office in charge.

  • Reorienting projects and resizing them with agility

  • 10-15 min per project, online, eliminating or minimizing “face-to-face” meetings

  • Combining quantitative with qualitative (KPIs)

  • Increasing empowerment, accountability and engagement, facilitating leadership

  • Traceability of progress

Transformation is accelerated by increasing the impact and reducing the “time to market” of the launched initiatives, with great synchronization between them.

Sequence of templates to make follow-ups more agile with greater empowerment and accountability 

Key templates in this use

Focus and assume

Interactive reporting 1

Between reports

Interactive reporting 2


The leader and the project owner must understand, clarify and agree on objectives, resources and efforts needed to accomplish the task


  • % of achievement and comments

  • Report #´s

  • Explain deviations and propose countermeasures

  • Receive suggestions, guidelines and support from the person that comissioned the project

Formalized acceptance

Inform and deliberate about any relevant issue, bottleneck, help or meeting required, without having to wait until the next meeting

Track progress without having to meet


Extend or ensure proper closer

Have other online conversations related to the initiative or project







Follow-ups that are more agile, with greater empowerment and accountability (support oriented supervision )

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Success cases

  • The CEO of a leading communications and PR company uses the delibera Follow-up template to monitor the progress of a commitment made by a member of the steering committee to develop a new product

  • The director of the transformation office of the operations department of ​​a leading global bank uses delibera to follow-up a hundred projects on a weekly basis, with enough understanding to help move them forward and solve obstacles

  • The sales director of a leading media group uses delibera to track event sales



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