Smart templates to deliberate together as a team

Helping organisations understand, decide and execute better

Reducing the need to meet physically or virtually by 50%

14 days of free and limitless delibera

Manage all your digital deliberations on one platform. Use the appropriate template based on the objective pursued 


In each of our 10 smart deliberation templates we clearly define

Who promotes the conversation  

The objective pursued  

The duration of the conversation

Status of the conversation

Collaboration ratio

Conclusions and decisions


delibera is helping manage digital deliberation processes in reference organisations worldwide 


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Benefits of using delibera

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Reduce the number of face-to-face or virtual meetings

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Put everyone’s knowledge into use optimising the groups’ intelligence

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Include up to 50 times more people while maintaining the quality of the conversation

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Identify changemakers

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Gathers 10 times more knowledge in 1/5 of the time

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Boost empowerment and accountability

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