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Solve together key issues that come up in the day-to-day

When it applies

When we face unexpected, important or complex issues, that require quality deliberation, and it is essential that we think together in an organized manner and with the necessary structure, to reach consensus quickly with the greatest guarantee of making the right choice. If it were only about giving or exchanging information, a chat, a call or an email would suffice.


Problem it solves

Leaders do not have time to deal with all the important issues that come up in their day-to-day, spending the necessary quality time with the right people. 

  • Meetings (also videoconferences and calls...) have serious limitations of space and time, as well as important biases.

  • Current digital means (emails, chats, forums...) allow for little more than the mere exchange of messages.

Matters and decisions are delayed in time or not handled with the necessary depth.

Added value by delibera

Allows leaders to deal with the 2 or 3 unplanned issues that come up every week or month, with agility and depth.

  • Using the appropriate digital deliberation template for each type of challenge, you can move forward in a quick and organized way.

  • Getting information directly from those who have it, to understand and decide faster and better.

  • Identifying changemakers, measuring and recognizing collaboration.

  • Formalizing conclusions, decisions, tasks, responsibilities and deadlines.

  • Obtaining more knowledge and accelerating decision making, boosting empowerment and accountability.

Today's leader is the leader of questions; Answers come later. Delibera helps you be more collaborative, executive and digital.

Sequence of templates to solve together key issues that come up in the day-to-day

Week 1

Should we react to the competitions' new move?


Week 2

How is the initiative that we launched going?


Week 3

Any suggestions to speed-up income generation?


Monitoring the progress of a decision made


Every week 1 or 2 conversations and decisions, some with a subsequent follow-up

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Success case

  • The CEO of a leading media and communication company, in agreement with the chief of staff, opens one or two weekly conversations with delibera to understand their current situation better: Where they are, where to go and how, taking into consideration any recent turn of events. In some of these conversations they include the steering committee, in others middle management, and in others the rest of the organization. They are now able to make decisions with greater agility and awareness, reinforcing their leadership and accelerating transformation. 

  • The Head of the Energy and Industry department, of a leading technology services company, launches a deliberation with 50 of their closest collaborators to decide if they have to increase their presence in the North American market, exposing the pros and cons and the keys to do it successfully.

  • The Head of Talent and Culture of a bank launches a deliberation with 20 people from different departments to choose the name for a middle management transformation program.


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