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Improving the quality of key conversations

In order to understand, decide and execute better together


Deliberation is the most advanced level of human conversation  



It helps groups of people organise their knowledge and reach joint conclusions, making decision making and follow-ups easier and more agile

It’s what we need to push forward in a constantly changing world

Helping us accomplish the desired collaboration


To achieve this delibera structures conversations in a new way that varies according to the objectives pursued

From conversations that follow a timeline

that becomes unmanageable...

Where information shared through endless email threads and/or corporate social networks/intranets is buried, following the sequence of time (timeline), making group understanding difficult


...to structured conversations based on the objectives pursued

In each of our 10 smart deliberation templates we clearly define

Who promotes the conversation  

The objective pursued  

The duration of the conversation

Status of the conversation

Collaboration ratio

Conclusions and decisions


Common uses

Ease daily key conversations and decision making


Gather ideas and improvement opportunities 


Carry out more participative strategic reflections


Boost design thinking sessions


Prioritise initiatives and projects while maintaining a comprehensive view  


Optimise meetings and committees 


Accelerate the implementation of transformation offices


Improve the performance of work groups beyond Agile methodology


Make follow-ups more agile with greater empowerment and accountability


Receive quality feedback for continuous improvement  


Carry out more participative events


Steer education towards collaborative learning


Discover the benefits of using delibera

Includes up to 5 times more people while maintaining the quality of the conversation

Reinforces leadership boosting empowerment and accountability

Gathers 10 times more knowledge in 1/5 of the time

Complements and speeds up

Agile methodology

Puts into use everyone’s knowledge and optimises the groups' intelligence

Digitises naturally identifying key change-makers

delibera is helping improve important conversations in reference organisations worldwide, boosting collaboration and transformation

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Security at delibera

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We have strict security measures and are certified in ISO standards.


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