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Improving the quality of key conversations

Helping leaders in organisations understand, decide and execute better



Facilitates deliberation, the most advanced form of group conversation

Cog with faces of peoople

CEO/Managing Director

Project Manager

Head of Transformation

Head of Department



Helping make collaboration and participation a reality 


By collecting people’s knowledge in an organised manner, facilitating co-creation and mutual understanding


Boosts transformative leadership

To achieve this delibera structures group conversations in a completely new way

From conversations that follow a timeline

that becomes unmanageable...

Where information shared through endless email threads and/or corporate social networks/intranets is buried, following the sequence of time (timeline), making group understanding difficult

Producto structured conversations based on the objectives pursued

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Asset 176.png
Asset 177.png
Asset 177.png
Asset 178.png
Asset 178.png
Asset 180.png
Asset 180.png
Asset 179.png
Asset 179.png

In each of our 10 smart deliberation templates we clearly define

Who promotes the conversation  

The objective pursued  


The status of the conversation

Parameters and notifications

Conclusions and decisions

All templates incorporate Natural Language Processing (AI) for the best interpretation of the meaning of conversations

Sentiment analysis

Positive, negative, neutral

Tag cloud 

Social graph

Collaboration index

Automatic translation 

What they're talking about

Who's talking with who

Who's talking with who

De qué están hablando

Measures and acknowledges collaboration

Measure and acknowledge collaboration

Multicultural communication

Multicultural communication

Discover the benefits of using delibera

Connectivity and connection icon

Include up to 50 times more people finding out 90% of  what they think/insights

Combined knowledge icon

Put everyone’s knowledge into use optimizing group intelligence

Save money and time icon

Gather knowledge and intel. in 1/5 of the time asynchronously (convenience)

Handshake icon

Optimize group decision making increasing the chances of success

Check list icon

Identify changemakers,  boost empowerment and accountability


Facilitate leadership,
and motivation


The improvement of conversations applies to all leader management processes, making them more collaborative, executive and digital

Common uses, template sequences and success cases


and set the path

  • Jointly define purpose, mission, vision and values  See more

  • Crowdinnovation of new business opportunities and revenue streams  See more

  • Carry out participative strategic or transformation plans and reflections  See more

  • Host more dynamic leadership team events  See more

  • Solve together key issues that come up in the day-to-day  See more

  • Jointly identify obstacles to effective transformation  See more

Decide and focus

  • Prioritize initiatives and projects maintaining a holistic view of the situation See more

  • Optimize meetings and committees  See more

  • Collaborative crowdoptimization of costs, processes, risks and UX  See more

  • Accelerate execution with advanced transformation offices  See more

  • Streamline workgroups in Agile  See more

  • Facilitate follow-ups with empowerment and accountability  See more

  • Collect quality feedback for continuous improvement  See more

  • Decisively boost remote work  See more

  • Optimize productivity of sales forces  See more

  • Increase the impact of change management processes  See more

  • Transform culture with processes  See more

  • Transform middle management  See more

  • Evolve education and training towards collaborative learning  See more

  • 100% digital focus groups  See more

Execute and 


delibera easily integrates with Microsoft 365/Teams, adding additional high value functionalities for leaders

Boosting the home office and remote work

See more


delibera is helping improve important conversations in reference organisations worldwide, boosting collaboration and transformation


See less

See more


Certified partners in
Collaborative Intelligence

  • Diagnostic of the needs and opportunities of 100% digital management processes

  • Proof of concepts

  • Parametrization and personalisation

  • Training and assistance with solutions

  • Global coverage

delibera transforms consulting and the way of doing projects in general

Doing them with the client instead of for the client 

In all projects it makes sense to include the organization to a greater or lesser extent

Gathering inputs and validating our analyses and proposals In an organized and agile way for a more participative design and execution

That maximizes impact and ensures effective transformation

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Security at delibera

Keeping our customers’ data safe is a priority for us and we take it very seriously.


We maintain strict security measures and are certified in ISO standards.

Servers and computer mainframes

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